Choice of appropriate footwear for your child dramatically reduces risk of long term pain that can plague them throughout their life. The most important factor to consider in reducing risk is suitable school shoes.

Kids spend over 1500 hours in their school shoes every year, jumping, kicking, and running around on hard flat surfaces. Considering the amount of activity our kids get up to, and their still developing physical structure, they need good footwear - more than adults.

A correctly fitted, well cushioned, supportive school shoe that matches your child's foot type and foot shape is essential in helping to prevent the onset of long term problems, as well as sprains and shin splints. Ascent formal school shoes are designed with sporting shoe technology, providing the essential comfort and support for their growing feet.

Our school shoes are available in multiple widths (2A, B, C, D, 2E) and half sizes in junior and youth sizes.

Kids don’t walk they run… At Ascent we understand kids are hard on their school shoes, that is why we build our school shoes using sport shoe technology.

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